8 Tips for Photographers to Boost Their Business Through Instagram

For photographers and other freelancers, turning your work into a legitimate business can be hard. You need impressive samples to get your client’s attention, and you need clients to get samples. Luckily, social media sites like Instagram provide a way of reaching more people (and prospective customers) than ever before. Do these 8 things when posting pictures on Instagram to start being taken seriously as a photographer.


Post Consistent Content Regularly


When on Instagram or on any social media, you are ideally building a presence that showcases you and your brand. Your followers will come to expect that you post at regular intervals and that you’re putting up relatively consistent content—if your photography niche is nature, but you post something different like headshots or self-portraits, those posts are less likely to get a response.


Use a White Border

When you add a white border around your photos, you show that you’re a real photographer who knows what you’re doing, and who is in control of the viewing process. By adding this space, you can preserve the original dimensions of your photos rather than having them manipulated into the square, vertical, or horizontal preset sizes on Instagram.


Take Advantage of Symmetry

Symmetry can add harmony and balance to an otherwise average photo. When you snap a shot using symmetry, you are showing your audience that you thought it out beforehand, and aren’t just posting pictures at random.


Avoid Selfies, Opt for Self Portraits


If you’re looking to attract clients, but still want to post pictures of yourself, instead of selfies aim for self-portraits that incorporate other artistic methods. Try shooting from a faraway angle, or use symmetry, as described above.


Underexpose Photos

Most Instagram photos are taken from iPhones. iPhones tend to over-process images and can wash out some of the details that can really take an otherwise great shot to the next level. To underexpose your photos, tap and hold the frame over a bright area within the shot. This will channel the focus and exposure on that point, leaving the rest of the photo less processed and more defined.


Buy Instagram Followers


Buying Instagram followers gives the appearance of a popular Instagram profile when potential clients view your profile. A client is more likely to do business with a service provider who has a large following. Additionally, a large following on your photography or personal accounts indicates a positive reaction from the audience when looking at your photos which helps build your reputation for future photography jobs due to the bandwagon effect. Purchasing followers through reliable sources is recommended, and our recommendation is Vibbi. Vibbi provides the highest quality Instagram promotion, as well as tools such as a web viewer and tool to back your photos up from your Instagram account: ideal for photographers to show off their gallery of photos from their Instagram in an effective way!


Add a Lens Over Your Phone’s Camera

Many Instagrammers boast close-ups of subjects like fruit, flowers, or insects that were taken with a smartphone. Chances are, they’re using a lens like an Olloclip that attaches over the existing iPhone lens. These detachable lenses are much more affordable than DSLR cameras normally needed to take those shots, and they can result in the same great detail for photos taken on a macro level.


Use Hashtags Properly

You want people to be able to find your photos. If you overuse common hashtags like #photographer or #ocean, your work is likely to get lost in the thousands of photos being added every second that are using those same hashtags. Instead, do some research and opt for more specific hashtags. Use the apps Tagstock (iPhone) or Favtags (Android) to help you decide which hashtags to use.


Keeping these things in mind will help you get taken more seriously as a true photographer utilizing Instagram to showcase their work.